Innovative Trends in App Development

July 4, 2019


Due to the global increase in the popularity of multiple aspects of applications, there has been the erection of scads of new trends which have the capability of significantly altering the status quo in the world of app development.


One of the most important trends which is going on currently in app development is the aspect of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning. It has been estimated that by the year 2020, the market of AI will exceed $40 billion worldwide.


This is a testament to the high level of growth in the popularity of this platform. Another rapidly growing trend worldwide is that of blockchain technology. It is anticipated that this market will touch the $20 billion mark till the year 2024. One of the most interested parties in this technology is the apps.


More and more access of this app is being provided to the investors as well as consumers worldwide. On-demand apps are also making headlines globally due to their high level of consumer engagement which is going on currently.


It is also predicted that the popularity of these apps is only going to go up. An example of this type of app is Uber. Wearable apps may have sounded like something from a sci-fi movie a few years ago, but these have turned into reality today.


These are the apps which operate on wearable devices such as smart watches. Chatbots are also making their way into the mainstream after the recent surge in their use of various famous platforms. Chatbots can play a pivotal role in the case of consumer engagement which is a highly desired factor for many companies.


This is why more and more companies today are opting to use the apps related to chatbots in orer to help with the area of consumer engagement. Get to hire the best app developers gold coast in your area.




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